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El Patiaz manages to get national and international means of communication interested


Islamic necropolis in Tauste receives major media display and the recognition it deserves.

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More than four hundred Islamic medieval tombs were uncovered in Tauste. After more than two months of excavations at the Muslim cemetery in Tauste, the event hardly received any media coverage.

Even though the dimensions of the site were outstanding and the finds it provided were truly significant. The board of the El Patiaz Cultural Association were not officially in charge of it but they decided to carry out a promotional and information campaign to raise awareness about the importance of the site and bring to light its significance for the city of Tauste as well as its social, cultural and historic role.

Our department of promotion and diffusion led by Jesus Alegre got it underway by sending a detailed report to the means of communication around Spain as well as the news agencies in Europe, America and the Middle East.

The feedback was immediate. Newspapers from all over the world: The Times from the UK, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed and AlKhaleej Today from Saudi Arabia, The National News from Abu Dabi (United Arab Emirates), Ruptly News from Russia, Serendeputy from Massachusetts (US), Republika News and Moeslimchoice from Indonesia or Monitor do Oriente Mediofrom Brazil and various radio stations such as La Cope and La SER Zaragoza interviewed the honorary member of our association Miguel Mena.

Television channels, such as Aragón TV and La Sexta, as well as CNN, one of the largest and most prestigious news networks in the world, have reached out to El Patiaz and talked about the find in va ous news programmes, interviews, articles, etc

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The highlight of the event was a visit to the excavation site of the President of the Government of Aragon Mr Javier Lamban, the Mayor of Tauste Mr Miguel Angel Frances and the Director- General of Heritage of the Government of Aragon Ms Marisancho Menjon.

El Patiaz was also invited to join in this visit because even though it was not an official promoter of the event it did promote and sponsor four previous excavations conducted by the archaeologist Francisco Gutierrez. It was our association that brought to light the importance of this find and drew everyone’s attention to the fact that it was one of the most significant Muslim cemeteries in the Northern part of Spain yet. This fact has been proved by the company Paleoymas which uncovered more than 450 tombs.

The representatives of the El Patiaz, Jaime Carbonel and its president Javier Nuñez visiting the site invited by the Government of Aragon and explaining to the authorities the characteristics of the necropolis and the details of the research conducted by the Association.
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Authorities and reporters are looking around the vast area of the maqbara-cemetery.

It is essential to keep public attention focused on the site and take advantage of its scientific importance as well as promotional and touristic value for the city of Tauste. A place to store and preserve the archaeological remains must be set for their further study. Its unique Zagri-style features found in the Tower of Santa Maria (if only bricks could speak!) and the Islamic cemetery (maqbara) should be provided with a permanent space where they can be visited and seen.

We are pleased not only for the role that El Patiaz could play in the discovery of the cemetery but also for the promotion it gave to the site after two months of silence. This media campaign has managed to put Tauste on the map internationally. More than a decade of work finally begins to bear fruit and promises to bring about new interesting research over the next few years.


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