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The Cultural Association “El Patiaz” gets to interest the main national and international media about Islamic tombs

More than four hundred medieval Islamic tombs appeared in Tauste. Great informative display about the islamic necropolis of Tauste that receives the recognition it deserves
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After more than two months of excavation in the Muslim Cemetery of Tauste with hardly any media coverage of its size and important findings, the board of the “El Patiaz” Association decided, despite not being its promoter, to carry out a dissemination and information campaign on the importance of the site and its significance for both Tauste and its social, cultural and historical environment. Our communication and dissemination section, headed by Jesús Alegre, launched it by sending a comprehensive report to the media throughout Spain and news agencies in Europe, America and the Middle East.

Newspapers around the world

The response has been large and practically immediate: newspapers around the world The Times in the United Kingdom, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed y AlKhaleej Today in Saudi Arabia, The National News in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Ruptly News in Russia , Serendeputy in Massachusetts (United States), Republika News and Moeslimchoice in Indonesia or Monitor do Oriente Medio in Brazil, radio stations COPE, SER Zaragoza from the hand of our honorary partner Miguel Mena, and television channels such as Aragón TV and La Sexta, even at an international level such as CNN, one of the largest and most prestigious television news networks in the world, which got in touch with “El Patiaz” and they have echoed with news, interviews, articles, …

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Visit to the excavation area

All this has been culminated with the visit to the excavation area of the President of the Government of Aragon, Mr. Javier Lambán, accompanied by the Mayor of Tauste, Mr. Miguel Ángel Francés, and the General Director of Heritage from the DGA, Ms. Marisancho Menjón.

“El Patiaz” was also invited to the visit because, although he was not the promoter of it, it was the one who promoted and financed the four previous actions, carried out by the archaeologist Francisco Gutiérrez, and who gave the warning signal about its importance noting that we were in front of one of the most important Muslim cemeteries in the north of the peninsula, as is demonstrated by the action carried out by the company “Paleoymás” with the excavation of more than 450 tombs.

Obras en la calle Obispo Conget
People of El Patiaz, Jaime Carbonel and the president Javier Nuñez, invited for the occasion by the DGA, explain to the authorities the characteristics of the necropolis and the investigations carried out through the Association.
Obras en la calle Obispo Conget
Authorities and the media covering the wide area that the maqbara occupies.

A crucial moment

Thus, we are at a crucial moment in order not to leave it in oblivion and to exploit it both from a scientific point of view (a space must be provided to preserve the remains for further studies) and for the promotion and tourist projection of Tauste. Its uniqueness “zagrí”, present in the Tower of Santa María and the Islamic cemetery (maqbara), which should be endowed with a permanent space that can be visited, endorse it.

We are satisfied not only by the role of El Patiaz in the discovery of the cemetery but also by the wide dissemination that, after two months of silence, has made it, managing to place Tauste on the map far beyond our borders. More than a decade of work begins to bear fruit and in the coming years, an interesting horizon opens up in search of new research.