Excavation of the necropolis 2013-2

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Visit to the necropolis in Tauste of Jesus Lorenzo and Elena Piedrafita

Arabist archaeologist, Jesus Lorenzo, and PhD in Medieval History, Elena Piedrafita, visited the excavation site.

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 Elena Piedrafita and Jesus Lorenzo accompanied by the president and members of the Association as well as the archaeologist Francisco Javier Gutierrez

The visitors

Jesus Lorenzo Jimenez is an Arabist archaeologist and PhD in History at the University of the Basque Country. He participated in the excavations in Cyprus, Cirenaica (a valley in the Lebanese mountains next to a desert) and Tunisia among other places. He has written numerous articles and is a renowned expert in Arabic culture.

To be able to study the documents of those centuries he learned Old Arabic and this way could directly go to the Andalusí-Arab sources linked to the Northern area of Spain. He wrote a thesis on the Banu Oasi dynasty, in the El Ebro Riverside, and is one of the biggest experts on the Al-Andalus Muslim presence  in our area.

Elena Piedrafita Perez is a PhD in Medieval History at the University of Zaragoza and has a BA Degree in the History of Art at the same University.

She has been a science coordinator of the first symposium on the history of eating habits in the Kingdom of Aragon and is a specialist in medieval cooking. She has published numerous articles and books about this subject. Her PhD thesis was about “Las Cinco Villas in the Medieval times (11th -13th centuries). Systems of repopulation and space occupation”.

The visit to the excavation

Both visited Tauste in February and were speakers at XIV Sessions on Tauste History and showed interest in the projects our Association was planning to put in motion back at the time, among them, the excavation of the Islamic cementery.

Last 18 July they paid us a visit inquiring about the news and discoveries that had been made since 1 July. Such renowned visitors were received by the President of the El Patiaz, Maria Teresa Anso and the director of the excavations Francisco Javier Gutierrez.

They provided all details about the features of the uncovered tombs along with the description of the advance of the on-site works. The guests had a chat with volunteers about the issues the latter faced while conducting their tasks.

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Excavations director Francisco Javier Gutierrez explains the details of works conducted

Our Association appreciates the fact that Elena Piedrafita and Jesus Lorenzo have paid a visit to the excavation site, thus contributing to the promotion of these works among numerous  intellectuals. It has also inspired us to continue and provided us, the people who volunteered to be involved in this project, with the moral support to continue making the effort.

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 Various moments during the visit

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