Excavation of the necropolis 2013-3

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Information about the advances of the excavation at the Islamic cemetery

Nineteen tombs have already been uncovered during the forth phase of the excavation

Visitas a la excavación en 2013

During the third week of excavations, more tombs were uncovered and as yet nineteen graves have been found during the fourth phase of excavations.

Once Miriam Pina conducts the anthropological study on the remains found, we will provide more detailed information.

On Friday, 19, the site was visited by Mr Maximo Ariza Lazaro, the speaker of PAR, a member of the Provincial Council of Zaragoza, a Welfare and Environment Councillor and the President of the Cooperation and Infrastructure commission.

He inquired after the advances of the excavations as well as commented on possible ways of aid and assistance in other spheres that El Patiaz is particularly interested in, such as Vocational school, creation of the museum or works on conservation and restoration of paintings.


Chief of Cultural Heritage research and promotion Service of the Government of Aragon, Eva Maria Alquezar Yañez, is expected to come on Monday along with the technician from the Government of Aragon, a specialist in Anthropology, Ignacio Lorenzo, who is also interested in seeing the tombs on site.

Eva Maria has a special connection with Tauste through her participation in the works of the archaeological team at the Valdetaus site.

Some press and television reporters have visited our site as well. They wanted to see how the works advance. The information about it has been published and some of it is going to appear in the regional magazine Hoy soon; the newspaper Heraldo de Aragon has published an extensive article by Noeli Barcelo. All updates on the excavations have also been provided by websites that specialize in anthropology, archaeology and medieval history.

Media coverage

Spanish television Broadcaster (Televisión Española, TVE) this Friday, 19, at 14 pm local new bulletin has aired a report about the excavations.

We know that the manager of TVE in Aragon, Sagrario Saiz, who went to Tauste to record this piece, has sent this information to Canal 24 Horas (TVE) and is working on promoting it in the program called España Directo, also broadcast on TVE. You can watch the show here.

Aragon TV has spent the entire day along with the people working on the excavation site to make a report for the program called “Objetivo” that, if everything goes as planned, will be aired on Monday, 29 July, at 21.30 after the news program.

Journalists of the news section on Aragon TV have visited the excavation site to see how the works progress. The team of the TV show Aragon en Abierto was on site on the 16th recording and interviewing the excavation director Francisco Javier Gutierrez, volunteers and other participants of the excavations. Interviews with members of the Association and the field staff are yet to be conducted.

The reporters have also recorded how the remains were cleaned and put through the anthropological analysis by the anthropologist and Aragon TV journalist Miriam Pina.

We would like to express our gratitude for her implication and the effort she has been making to coordinate and supply necessary documentary evidence to the recording teams that worked at the necropolis.As soon as we know the day the program is due to be aired, we will let everyone know.


On the other hand, among various activities that are meant to promote the heritage of Tauste, we have set a guided tour to the excavation site for English speakers on Saturday 20th at 12:30.

The explanations will be provided by Francisco Castillo, manager of Tauste Tourist Office, supervised by Asbjorg Kiersti and sponsored by Sunny English School. It is meant to practice English and will be tailored to different levels and age groups.

Pre-registration is not required, anyone who wants to is free to join in. It is a perfect chance to learn first-hand what we do, practice your English and have a good time around friendly people.

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