II Course of forensic anthropology

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Excavations from the Islamic cementery in Tauste to the research of the University of Zaragoza

In April and May of this year, the Department of Sciences of Antiquity of the University of Zaragoza holds the II FIELD COURSE OF FORENSIC ANTHROPOLOGY. It comprises seminars conducted by renowned archaeology and anthropology professionals meant for students who take courses for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the Department of Sciences of Antiquity of the University of Zaragoza



On 11th April the conference will be conducted by archaeologist Francisco Javier Gutierrez Gonzalez. Its subject will be THE ISLAMIC NECROPOLIS IN TAUSTE, a significant find that as explained before, has become the oldest necropolis uncovered on the Iberian Peninsula.

Apart from directing the excavation works at the necropolis in Tauste, Francisco Javier Gutiérrez has also conducted numerous diggings of Roman Zaragoza; he has been a scientific associate director of Contrebia Belaisca settlement (Botorrita)  during several campaigns and before that has worked at the excavation site of the Roman theatre in Zaragoza as well as participated in the astonishing discovery of the Muslim Neighbourhood on the Paseo de la Independencia, also in Zaragoza.

The approximate estimates made by this archaeologist calculate that the Islamic necropolis in Tauste might cover from two to three hectares (the size of three football fields) comprising around 4,500 tombs. We do not doubt that the archaeological and anthropological data provided by the research of this maqbara will make us drastically reconsider the historical role of this region during four centuries of Islamic rule.  




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