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por | May 21, 2014 | English articles, Necrópolis islámica

Video of the excavation of the Islamic necropolis in Tauste will be seen on 25 cable television stations in 16 U.S. states.

The documentary about the IV phase of the excavations at the Islamic necropolis in Tauste along with the one made by the Biscayne National Park in Florida has been recognized as the “video of the month” by a prestigious international website  The Archaeology Channel.

The Archaeology Channel is one of the most popular archaeology websites in the world. According to the statistics provided by the channel, its traffic is over 5,000 pageviews a day. Last year it reached 8 million pageviews.

One of the sections on the Archaeological Channel webpage, called “Video News from TAC”, posts a monthly selection of videos about all sorts of archaeological stories from around the world.

The videos are then analysed and compared taking into consideration the quality and subject standards established by the Institution. Once the previous selection is made, the jury picks the winner whose video is subsequently published on the web and thus promoted in the rest of the world.  “Video News from TAC” is meant to be streamed on the Internet and broadcast on cable television.

It is currently broadcast on 25 cable TV channels in 16 US states. Their estimated audience is around 10 million viewers.

The club of the Archaeological Legacy Institute features a wide range of members, among them professional archaeological organizations in various US states, natural resource management companies, vocational associations, governmental agencies, and other numerous collaborators.  

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