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Islamic necropolis of Tauste in the First Congress of Archeology and Aragon Heritage

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Congress zaragoza 1The medieval Islamic necropolis of Tauste (Zaragoza) present at the First Congress of Archeology and Heritage Aragones held this week in Zaragoza.

240 enrolled, more than 80 communications and 40 posters was opened at CaixaForum in Zaragoza. The forum, an initiative of the College of Doctors and Graduates in Philosophy and Letters and Science of Aragon, with the collaboration of the University of Zaragoza, held on 24 and 25 November in the Aragonese capital.

It is organized in order to highlight and promote scientific issues surrounding archeology as a science of historical research, while directly linked to heritage. The findings and interventions will be reflected in the publication of the Minutes: I Congress of Archeology Aragonesa.

The project promoted by the Cultural Association "The Patiaz" Tauste participated in the round of communications on "Medieval Archeology". The team of archeologist Francisco Javier Gutierrez, director of the excavation of the taustana necropolis, Professor of Medieval History at the University of Zaragoza Carlos Laliena and anthropologist Miriam Pina presented the communication "The medieval maqbara of Tauste, early research" in which the actions carried out so far and the findings as well as the characteristics of the maqbara and interments an approach was also performed anthropological analysis of the skeletal remains and the future research of this Muslim necropolis summarized.

In March 2014 it took place the creation of "Anthropological Observatory of the Islamic Necropolis of Tauste" program (OANIT) associated with the research project of the necropolis promoted by the Association, and directed by anthropologist Miriam Pina Pardos, acting as a liaison between the Association and the professional and scientific forums and is responsible for developing anthropological reports of the necropolis of Tauste and develop scientific papers with the results of studies and analyzes carried out.


Congress zaragoza 2The "El Patiaz" Tauste in its advocacy and research of historical and cultural heritage, Cultural Association launched in 2010 the archaeological project that has changed the entire historical conception of the Muslim presence in the town, considered so far merely anecdotal. The discovery of a burial islámica- with an estimated surface about 2 hectares is to demonstrate the existence of a stable population and seated at this location. Archaeologist Francisco Javier Gutierrez, director of the excavations, estimated a minimum capacity of about 4,500 burials in the necropolis, which also has at least two levels, revealing that it was extensive surface and occupation period.

Since 2010, there have been four archaeological campaigns -financiadas by the Cultural Association "The Patiaz" - in which they have recovered the remains of 44 skeletons, subsequently subjected to a basic anthropological analysis. has also conducted a study of paleodiet in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country that has yielded interesting findings: the power was based on consumption of cereals and legumes and differentiation is observed by sex of individuals within the research project Islamic cemetery in Tauste, are planned in the future DNA studies and new datings C-14 to complement existing ones, which place the necropolis between the eighth and eleventh centuries, making it the oldest absolute date of Spain documented so far, together with Pamplona.


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"The Patiaz" Tauste Cultural Association: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

Francisco Gutierrez (Archaeologist): 690,901,119

Miriam Pina (Press and anthropologist): 636,827,926


 You can read islamic About cementery excavation of Tauste here


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