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Anthropological News Observatory of the Islamic Necropolis of Tauste

Islamic necropolis of Tauste participate in a study on the footprint of the Islamic northern Iberian necropolis genome

The prestigious palaeogeneticist Carles Lalueza Fox of Evolutionary Biology Institute of Barcelona (CSIC-Universidad Pompeu Fabra) has shown interest in the remains exhumed during the excavation of 2013, dated between the eighth and eleventh centuries according to the analysis of carbon - 14 made at that time because it is working on an interesting project on the genetic fingerprint of the Iberian peninsula, which would accommodate the taustana necropolis.

Carles Lalueza Fox is a specialist in the study of human evolutionary past from both nuclear DNA and mitochondrial, which has contributed to its investigations to the achievement of the Neandertal genome researcher and has participated in the discovery of mitochondrial DNA from two fossils man Cro - Magnon, plus many other scientific achievements. He is interested in both new techniques to retrieve DNA from ancient remains, as in human phylogenetic reconstruction. Besides being one of the Spanish researchers greater international recognition in his field, has also developed an interesting facet of disseminator with the publication of numerous books and articles.

Anthropologist Miriam Pina , director of "Anthropological Observatory Islamic Necropolis of Tauste" (OANIT program ) is one who acts as a liaison between the Association The Patiaz and the world of professional and scientific forums, while is responsible for developing reports anthropological and develop scientific papers with the results of studies and analyzes carried out . The program was created in 2015 from the Patiaz to channel all such efforts.

We face an investigation that eventually adds to the already conducted at the University of the Basque Country by researcher Iranzu Guede , analyzing mobility and diet in different populations of the Middle Ages in the north of the Iberian Peninsula using this laser ablation technique in samples of teeth.

The images collected the time Miriam Pina and excavation director Francisco Javier Gutierrez, accompanied by the also forensic anthropologist Miriam Gracia take some samples of the taustanos remains deposited in the Provincial Museum of Zaragoza to the premises of that institute to be analyzed.

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From The Patiaz we are very pleased with this new initiative which highlights the successful outreach work being done by institutions and conferences to present to the scientific community's extensive and important Islamic necropolis of Tauste.



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