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The Arabist archaeologist Jesus Lorenzo and PhD in Medieval History Elena Piedrafita visited the excavation

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Jesus Lorenzo Jimenez is an archaeologist and Arabist PhD in History from the University of the Basque Country. Among other places it has been excavated in Cyprus, Cyrenaica (a valley between the Lebanese mountains near the desert) and Tunisia. Author of numerous publications, is a specialist in the Arab world. To investigate documentation of those centuries old studied Arabic and, thus, it has been able to drink directly from the sources of Arab Andalusian relating to the north of the peninsula. He completed his doctoral thesis on the dynasty of the Banu Qasi of the Ribera del Ebro, and is one of the foremost experts on the Muslim presence in Al-Andalus in our environment.

Elena Piedrafita Pérez PhD in Medieval History from the University of Zaragoza and Bachelor of Art History at the University.
Scientific coordinator at the 1st Symposium on the history of food in the Crown of Aragon and great studious and knowledgeable of medieval cooking, has published numerous articles and books on the subject. His doctoral thesis was on "The Five Villages in the Middle Ages (XI-XIII centuries). Repopulation systems and occupation of space."

Both were in February in Tauste participating as speakers at the XIV Conference on the History of Tauste and were very interested in projects that our association then sought to launch, including the excavation of the Islamic cemetery.

Last July 18 we visited and wanted to share with us a few hours being informed of developments have been discovering along these working sessions since it began on July 1. Prestigious visitors were attended by the president of Patiaz Maria Teresa Anso and excavation director Francisco Javier Gutierrez, who was detailing them to the characteristics of the burials located and the progress of work; also they lectured amiably with young volunteers on the details that emerged in the tasks they were performing.

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Our Association appreciates the consideration shown by Elena Piedrafita and Jesus Lorenzo by visiting the excavation, because the fact that these works arouse the interest of people of their intellectual category, gives us encouragement to continue and moral support that comes offset the effort invested by all those involved voluntarily in this project.


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